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This page is dedicated to collect all my stuff ever written and produced in order to have a proper home-base. I'm trying this page exclusively in english however it might be 'lil quirky. Oh - have I already mentioned that this is mostly about FreewayPro?

The main reason for doing this extra page is, that I want to separate the "german" from the "english" stuff and naturally clean out my already done anyway. Another reason might be to test, if FreewayPro can be re-used for creating a WordPress Theme.

You've got questions so far? Good idea to have a look at the following FreewayTalk list first:

The Big WP Challenge - Template Helper

So have fun here and I hope you'll find what you're after - Cheers Thomas

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WYSIWYG is Dead – Long Live Visual Design!

Recently, I’ve been involved in a thread with major “positioning” content. It’s about this confusing concept of how to place position:relative within Freeway. Allow me to note: 10 billion times I’ve been part of this kind of discussion and in nearby every second one, I’ve been even personally attacked. Just because of positioning? A major CSS concept? Well – yes, somehow. In my personal blog, I don’t want to have this as an issue. I’d like to talk about concepts. So I decided not to to go back to FreewayTalk, preferably making my own ideas on this subject without any further discussion. Being honest, there are two types of web designers: Freeway users and the rest of the world.

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Materialize – A huge library based on Material Design

Material Design is a Framework

You perhaps already heard of them? Well – I’m pretty sure you did. Frameworks! Frameworks are libraries containing a huge bunch of single classes and functions. This is a huge advantage cause you won’t reinvent the wheel new. They even more set new standards. Popular examples are Bootstrap, Foundation or even Google Material Design. The latter is the most conceptional with the goal to create a visual language. It is more a guide or a written “how to”. So┬áMaterial Design has been created. They deliver the required CSS and JavaScript ready to download, install and start.

I hear you saying: “Aha, what?”

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The backstage area is for sharing native Freeway examples and stuff.

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The one-and-only responsive template for FreewayPro.

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Hi guys,

here I try some polls - so if you're in it would be great to give it a quick go.

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    What is the Lounge?

    The Lounge is a paid login-area offering some extended stuff and techniques essential for the use of FreewayPro.



    The App we talk 'bout

    FreewayPro is a mac based app which is more than just WYSIWYG.



    "I need web hosting"

    This page is hosted on ineedwebhosting, an extremely Freeway friendly hosting service.

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    Latest Article

    WYSIWYG is Dead – Long Live Visual Design!

    Recently, I’ve been involved in a thread with major “positioning” content. It’s about this confusing concept of how to place Read more →

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    A Gallery Module – Fully Responsive

    In my screencasts I (currently) tend to teach my subscribers to use one more DIV to prevent “margins” for spacing Read more →

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    #017_GridExpress – Part 2

    Responsive Web Design isn’t easy – Part 2 Referring to a FreewayTalk Thread. One of the main messages is: “It’s Read more →